6th Grade Supply List


Manheim Township 6th Grade Supply List

Please bring the following items to school on your first day:


  • Pens/pencils/eraser*
  • 1 Pencil pouch for binder
  • 1 Three inch, D-ring Binder
  • 6 Pocket folders with prongs
  • 6 Subject dividers
  • 2 packages lined paper*
  • 2 glue sticks*
  • 3 highlighters*
  • 1 Package colored pencils*
  • Dry Erase markers*
  • Tri-fold poster board for Science project (details provided by Science teacher)
  • Scientific Calculator
  • 2 composition books (for use as journals)
  • Personal Fitness and Wellness uniform: longest finger tip length shorts, T-shirt with sleeves, socks, sneakers, stick or roll-on deodorant (no sprays)
  • Flash Drive – optional but recommended
  • Lanyard to hold ID card – optional but recommended

*Please replenish this item for your child as needed throughout the school year.


Your child’s teachers may also request additional items.

Thank you!

6th Grade Teachers