Schaeffer Elementary Celebrates the Arts with a Lineup of Local Talent

On May 9th, Schaeffer Elementary School hosted two dozen local artists and their works for a full-day celebration of the arts.  Schaeffer’s 5th annual Fine Arts Day offered students from kindergarten through fourth grade exposure to works and performances in the fields of visual arts, dance, theatre, music and creative writing. Fine Arts Day is sponsored by the Schaeffer PTO and planned in coordination with school Principal Mr. Christopher Zander.

Following the opening school-wide performance, students attended four 25-minute demonstrations of their choice throughout the morning. These demonstrations are opportunities to watch an artist at work and included such varied art forms as Irish dance, disc jockey, puppetry, acrylic painting and architecture.

Workshops in the afternoon provided students a chance to take a closer look at an art form. These 50-minute “hands-on” workshops were student-selected and offered children a chance to speak with the artist and work within the artist’s medium. Workshops included woodworking, pottery, violin, yoga and acting.

A huge thank you to the following local artists, who volunteered their time to spend the day teaching their “art” to our students!

May Benson – Harmony Hill PuppetryFile_000 (2)

Beth Brunner – Acrylic Painting

Amy Burk – Pottery

Brian Cunfer – Wood Turning

Kathleen Cunfer – Basketry, Mono Printing

Aimee Earley – Violin

Debbie Houck – Spinning/Weaving

Ted Kantner – Ukulele (opening acting)

Kayla Keating – Woodwinds

Monica Kirchner – Yoga

Rich Mitchell – Mixed Media Collage

Janet Peck – African Dance

Paloma School of Irish Dance

Popovsky Performing Arts

Brandon Rexrode – Brass

Ink Vault (Band – Gregg Richards, Becky Trayers, and Charlie Yohe)

Dwayne Smith – Disc Jockey

Sean Smucker – Creative Writing

Ramon Trevino – Graffiti Art

Charlie Yohe – ArchitectureFile_002 (2)File_001 (2)File_003 (2)

Amy Zimmerman – Wood Working