The club/athletic program provides students with  a variety of extra-curricular activities to participate in. Clubs/Athletics are structured to furnish students with an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, allowing them to pursue previously acquired interests or to experiment in new endeavors. In addition, participation in extra-curricular activities encourages students to form new relationships with adults as they encounter teachers in a less structured, non-academic setting.

Activities fall into the following categories:
• Academic Competition Organizations
• Athletics
• Musical / Performance Organizations
• School Clubs
• School Service Organizations
• Special Activities

It’s time for all students to register for a spring club.  Please remember you only sign up for one club, but once the club fills up, the club is closed. Basically the earlier you register online, the more clubs you will have to select from. 8th graders get to select first starting Friday, September 6th. 7th graders can start to register on Monday, September 9th. Registration closes for everyone on Friday, September 13th.

How to Register-
Go to the district website and click “Log In” near the top of the page.
Enter your username and password.
Once you are logged in, you should see a box on the left that says ” Student Intranet”.
IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT, you must log out and then log in again.
Click on the down arrow and then select “MS Clubs”.
Pick the club you would like to join and make sure to write down the location of where the club meets.