In seventh grade, art students will experience a variety of two- dimensional mediums in the art studio, including drawing and painting. Students will hone their creative thinking and problem solving skills through continuous questioning about their projects to help students achieve their best creative solution to the problem.  Students will learn two- point perspective and right- brain drawing techniques to enhance their ability to draw from observation. Students will incorporate the elements and principles of design into the creation of their artwork and in their written response to artworks. All students will participate in written and class critiques of their artwork. Students will frequently discuss the artwork of various artists as the artwork relates to project themes, artistic processes, and mediums. Students will be exposed to the social and historical issues and themes surrounding the artwork presented in class to help students gain a better understanding of the artistic process.

Eighth grade art students will be focusing on the three-dimensional aspects of the visual art world in the art studio.  This will include ceramics and the exploration of new sculptural techniques and processes.  Elements and principles of design will be incorporated into students’ creative production of their ceramic and sculptural pieces.  Students will be sharpening their right brain, creative thinking and problem solving skills through the creative process.  Observation and questioning techniques will be incorporated into the viewing and critiquing of their own art, as well as the work of other artists.  Art Appreciation will center on American three-dimensional art.  Students will explore art as it relates to the social, political, historical, and cultural contexts in which various three-dimensional works were created.   As students prepare to choose their career paths and classes for high school,  art careers will be discussed as they relate to daily living.  This will give students an awareness of the art opportunities available and the importance of art in their daily lives.

Miss Lauren DeMoss

Mrs. Candace Kauffman