The 7th grade Family and Consumer Science class is structured around three main units that emphasize life skills.  The quarter will begin with the exploration of the five areas of Child Development. The students will recall the times in their early development when learning about physical, mental, social, emotional and moral growth. The students will then write and illustrate a children’s book based on the conclusions made from the earlier lessons. Next students will study nutrition and the Food Guide Pyramid. Each student will analyze their eating patterns and lifestyle and form a plan for a healthier lifestyle. The quarter will end with our Service Sewing Unit. The students will learn basic sewing skills before working in the “Quilt Factory.” During the factory students will make quilts in an assembly line process. This student run project places responsibility on the student managers who are in charge of quality and production. Each student will hold the job of a worker and a manager. At the conclusion of this project the students will choose a local charity to receive their quilts. The underlining objectives embedded in the curriculum are the implementation of problem solving skills and the importance of interpersonal relationships. The modules for 8th graders will be: The Food and Nutrition Link and Family Connections. Classes meet every day for the quarter and involve a blend of hands-on, multimedia, and classroom instruction.

Mrs. Samantha Bryant

Ms. Nancy Skee