Gifted Support

Gifted Support Services are provided to all students in the middle school who have been identified as gifted based on the regulations outlined by PDE in Chapter 16.  Gifted students with an active GIEP have Gifted Support scheduled in lieu of Reading class.  Gifted Support class is designed to extend the Regular Education classroom curriculum by increasing the depth and breadth of the Regular Education curriculum.  Gifted Support provides opportunities for students to construct and use their knowledge effectively and imaginatively through various hands-on explorations while being appropriately grouped with their intellectual peers.  The program utilizes differentiated instruction by being tailored to student strengths, needs, interests and learning styles.  Additional opportunities available to Gifted Support students include clubs, contests, competitions, independent study, and special activities such as seminars and field trips. Gifted Support also provides support services for use in the Regular Education program, acceleration in appropriate areas, and extra-curricular extension activities.

Mrs. Jacqueline Geyer
Ms. Melissa Reifsnyder