The seventh grade mathematics course focuses on the completion of the students’ experiences in pre-algebraic mathematics.  The two core units, which are taught during this time, are quantitative geometry with emphasis on the development of formulas for perimeter, area, and volume and ratio and proportion.  The seventh grade mathematics program focuses on additional pre-algebra topics including percents, order of operations, integers, and the language of algebra.

The Introduction to Algebra course extends the students’ experiences with pre-algebraic topics including hands on equations, angle relationships in geometry, elementary trigonometry, and elementary pre-algebra. The Introduction to Algebra course contains topics necessary for the successful pursuit of Algebra 1 in the high school regular academic strand of courses in the high school.

The 7th Grade Theoretical Pre-Algebra course is a rigorous program that prepares students for Theoretical Algebra 1.  Students who qualify for placement in this course experience pre-algebra concepts through reasoning and justification.  Topics include ratio, proportion, percent, geometry and measure, graphing on the coordinate plane, solving math sentences with justifications, and problem solving.

The Theoretical Algebra 1 course is a rigorous program that mirrors the ninth grade Theoretical Algebra 1 course.  Students who qualify for placement in this course experience an axiomatic approach to Algebra with emphasis on concepts, procedures, and skills as well as critical analysis, reasoning, and justification.  Topics include linear equations in one and two variables, graphing, polynomials, problem solving, and axioms and theorems of the algebra of real numbers.

The  Theoretical Algebra II course is a continuation of the Theoretical Algebra I course.  Competency in logic is required in the proof of theorems.  Functions and relation theory in the real and complex systems will be stressed.  Topics covered include:  a unit on set theory; a unit on symbolic logic: a review and use of the axioms and theorems of the real numbers system; the study and application of exponents and radicals; first degree equations and inequalities in one and two variables; systems of linear equations and inequalities in two and three variables; quadratic equations in one variable; the complex number system; logarithmic and exponential functions; and polynomial functions.”

Mrs. Hillary Baker
Miss Rachel French
Mr. Nathan Gajecki
Mr. Christopher Hall
Mrs. Robyn Porter
Mrs. Christine Resh
Miss Maci Seibel
Mrs. Jennifer Smith

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7th Grade Summer Review packet
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