Seventh grade students will learn “how” scientific information is acquired as they experience an introduction to scientific inquiry, chemistry, genetics and agriculture.  Students will engage in a variety of learning experiences including research projects, laboratory investigations, classroom discussions and direct instruction.  Seventh grade students may also participate in the Manheim Township Middle School Science Odyssey (science fair) held in February.

The two basic assumptions behind the design of the 8th Grade General Science program are that 1) students should learn “how” scientific information is acquired through participation in a variety of learning experiences and 2) students should be introduced to earth science as well as maintaining continued exposure to chemistry and physics concepts. Thus, the emphasis for the 8th grade course is on earth science. The course includes the study of earth features and processes that change the earth, interpretation of weather data, and how to apply knowledge of earth materials to identify unknown materials or the age of an artifact. The investigation of fossils of past life and how it relates to the study of living environment today are also included. Other topics studied are energy transfers, waves, force, and motion.

Mrs. Julie McMains
Mr. Alexander Swavely
Mrs. Brenda Trump
Miss Kim Wiemann

Mr. Mike Hardwig
Mr. Ken Schoch
Mr. Brian Smoker
Mr. Alexander Swavely