Social Studies

The social studies department uses varied teaching techniques to provide learning opportunities for the interests and needs of each student. The varied learning experiences will facilitate understanding of the skills essential for making viable decisions in the future. The social studies program provides for the exploration of the contributions of all cultures to our society and the significant impact of these contributions on the development of our society.


Constitution And Patriot Days– The Social Studies Department recognizes each of these days early in the school year with in-class lessons and scripted school-wide announcements.  Each year’s lessons are discussed and planned in department meetings during the opening days of school.

Veterans Day– The Social Studies Department will be honoring our Veterans with three activities.  First, we will make thank you cards for our service men and women to be distributed at the Applebee’s on Route 30 as part of their Veteran’s Appreciation Day.  Second, we will create an honor wall outside our library listing the names of service members in our community provided by the students.  Third, teachers will conduct a lesson in their classrooms connected with Veterans’ Day and its significance.  Students will be collecting names for our honor wall in the coming weeks.

National Geography Bee– Each year, the Social Studies Department participates in the National Geography Bee, which is a nation-wide competition challenging students’ knowledge of world geography.  The competition begins with a school-wide first round conducted in Social Studies classrooms.  Round one is conducted typically in October or November (dependent upon the competition schedule received each fall).  Round two, for those whom qualify,  involves a take-home exam administered over Winter Break.  Round three is a live competition conducted in January before the department and broadcast through the school’s closed circuit system when schedules permit.  The school champion then completes a screening exam to move on to state-level competition.
The Social Studies Bowl– Each interdisciplinary team is represented by a group of four students whom compete head-to-head during spring Open House.  Questions span our Social Studies curricula from Geography to History.

Middle School Social Studies Department Members:

7th Grade
Mr. Brian Booker
Mr. James Michaud
Mrs. Samantha McNally
Mr. Jason Paul

8th Grade
Mr. Brian Booker
Mr. Dave Cooper
Mrs. Rachel Peterson
Mrs. Olivia Good

7th Grade Course Of Study

The seventh grade course of study begins with a geographic overview of the Eastern Hemisphere emphasizing the 5 Themes of Geography, a set of interpretation and inquiry tools created by the National Geographic Society.  Students proceed with a brief examination of ancient cultures leading to thematic studies of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, South Africa, The Asian Subcontinent, The Far East, and Russia.

8th Grade Course Of Study

The eighth grade course of study emphasizes the geographic, economic, political and social foundations of early United States of America. We use a chronological framework to examine the periods of our revolution, the development of the United States Constitution, the struggles and triumphs of our early Republic, the lifestyles of the 1800′s, the Civil War and Reconstruction Period, and the Progressive Era.

Students are guided in the use of primary and secondary sources to gather data, interpret events, and draw historically-based conclusions. Each student is encouraged to ask questions of history and use different methods of historical inquiry to develop skills and content understanding necessary for effective and constructive involvement in our democracy.

Social Studies Department Resubmission/Retest Policy

The Manheim Township Middle School Social Studies Department believes academic grades should reflect students’ degrees of content and skill mastery and, at the same time, recognizes the unique psychosocial needs of pre-adolescents.   Based upon these beliefs, the department has established the following retest, requiz, and project resubmission policy:

  • Students may retake each test, quiz, or resubmit each project once
  • Remediation must occur prior to each retake or resubmission, and teachers will determine appropriate means of remediation for each assessment
  • The highest grade for each assessment will be entered into the grade book
  • Students must complete the department’s Retake/Resubmission Form, including parent signature, for each retake or resubmission
  • In cases of group projects, students may complete individual alternative re-assessments
  • Homework and classwork may not be resubmitted
  • All retakes and resubmissions must be submitted one week prior to the last day of the marking period