Tech. Ed.

Seventh grade Technology Education is a nine-week program that involves an articulation of knowledge and skills gained from the 6th grade program. The 7th grade program is based on the following basic manufacturing and construction principles: designing, building, testing, and analyzing. Throughout the quarter, students will work individually and with a team to problem solve, cooperate, and use critical thinking to explore and discover technology through activity-based learning. With an emphasis on safety, students will realize the uses and importance of technology, machinery, and hands-on activities.

Our seventh grade Project 21 class students will be learning a variety of skills for the 21st century learner using a project-based model.  The class is based on the standards of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and American Association of School Librarians (AASL). These standards include such skills as research and information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and digital citizenship.

Unified Arts an 8th grade video production course which emphasizes the elements and principles of digital filmmaking, storytelling, and broadcasting. Students will receive an introduction to digital filmmaking techniques and screenwriting as they write, produce and edit an original film short. During the second half of the course students will receive training in television broadcasting using the MTMS television studio.

Graphic Design explores the various elements and principles of design and how they fit together to make good compositions while using the latest technical tools available to you today. We will be exploring Gimp. What is gimp? It is a GNU Manipulation Program. It works like Photoshop. This course is about the organization of visual information. You will learn the basics of how to control what people see when they look at your project. These basic design principles (Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast) are the foundation upon which all of the subtleties of Graphic Design are based. Basic design principles are fundamental, not simple. They are extensive, complex and surprisingly specific. It is important to learn these fundamentals before attempting more advanced design. Like any thing, the stronger the foundation, the better the structure that can be built upon it.


Mrs. Ginger Green
Mr. Timothy Rice

Mrs. Wendy Dagen
Mr. Jason Lyons