World Language

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The Middle School World Language Program in grades 7 and 8 is equivalent to our level 1 world languages courses at the high school.  The program is specifically designed to provide middle school students with the necessary time to learn, practice, and master vocabulary, grammar, and culture in order to have a solid base of knowledge. It is expected those students selecting a world language: 1) are on grade level in reading and math, 2) possess good study skills, 3) are organized, and 4) demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility. 

In eighth grade world language, students complete the second semester of the Level 1 course of study. The eighth grade program builds upon the material taught in seventh grade.  It is not a repeat of the seventh grade program. Students who successfully complete the middle school program with an average of 75% or better, may begin Level 2 of the world language studied upon their entrance to ninth grade. Students who did not begin the study of a world language in 7th grade cannot enter the 8th grade program because the program is a continuation of Level 1, meaning students will have missed the first half of the Level 1 course content on which the eighth grade course is based.

Please note:
Students who enter the program are making a commitment to two years of world language study in the middle school.  Students who complete 8th grade French with at least a 75% average will be eligible to enroll in French 2 in 9th grade.

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