Alternative Education

The Alternative Education Program (AEP) exists to meet the needs of students who have demonstrated difficulty adjusting to, or performing successfully within, the regular education program. Students recommended for the AEP are normally those who struggle with academics, the management of their behavior, and/or attending school regularly. Placement in the program is determined by the Middle School Pupil Service Team (PST) or a student’s IEP Team, based on a review of the student’s educational records, performance, and needs. The program is staffed by two teachers and an two aide who assist with the provision of instruction and management of the program. A highly structured learning environment characterized by a small student-adult ratio, explicit guidelines, and a focus on goal setting and the development of self-discipline, coping strategies, and pro-social skills, prevails in this program. Students receive instruction in all core academic areas as well as some related arts, all of which is aligned with district and state academic standards that students are expected to achieve. Student placement in the program is reviewed mid-year and again at the end of the school term. The goal of the Alt Ed. program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to reenter the regular education program in the future.