Pupil Services Team

The Pupil Services Team (PST) at the middle school was developed to help maximize individual student success. PST is a positive, success-oriented program that uses intervention techniques to help students achieve their potential in the school setting.

The classroom teacher, parents, counselors, and/or administrators identify students for PST services. The PST Team typically includes the principals, school psychologist, school counselors, school social worker, and school nurse.

The PST process is based on teamwork. During the meetings, the team determines which strategies need to be implemented to help the student achieve success in the regular classroom setting.  Collaboration and joint planning occur throughout the entire decision making period.  Each member of the team has equal input in helping to determine what methods, learning strategies, or special techniques best address the student’s needs.

The PST process involves a multi-step approach.  First, it identifies a student’s need for academic or behavioral support. Next, the team determines the strategies needed to assist the student.  Finally, the team implements the intervention strategies. The strategies are than evaluated by the team. If the teacher reports a positive change, then the strategies are continued. Additional interventions may be added to help the student continue to maintain a proper level of success in the classroom.