Student Assistance Team

The Middle School Student Assistance Program (SAP) exists to identify and intervene with high-risk students who are having school related problems because of a variety of concerns which may include but not be limited to depression, chronic anxiety, eating disorders, or possible drug and alcohol involvement. The Student Assistance Program is coordinated by the school district social worker and is staffed by a combination of building staff including teachers, administrators, the school nurse, school counselors, etc. The SAP Team conducts a process for intervening with and referring students to appropriate community services for assistance in dealing with these problems.  If a staff member has concerns about a student, he/she should complete a referral form and forward the form to the SAP Team Coordinator. Referral forms are located in the Guidance Office. Parents, students, or other individuals may also refer students to the SAP Team for consideration.

Once a student is referred to the SAP program, the SAP Team acts in strict confidence to establish a profile of the student’s behaviors and decide on an appropriate level of intervention. Possible interventions range from deciding that the SAP program is not the appropriate avenue for addressing the presented concern to contacting the parent to obtain permission to speak with the student and possibly conduct a SAP assessment. Assessments are thorough data gathering experiences that entail the use of different instruments with the referred student and his/her parents and are intended to uncover possible roots of student difficulty in school. Assessments are performed by a certified professional from an outside agency who reports the results of the assessment to the parents, student, and SAP case manager tracking the intervention. Assessment outcomes are shared with the hope that parents and their children will follow up with recommended health care professionals to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

The SAP process is both confidential and voluntary; the school may not force students or their parents to participate in the Student Assistance Program.