Teams provide teachers with an opportunity to meet and work with the same students during the school day. Teachers provide valuable help during the year in a number of ways in addition to delivering instruction and facilitating student learning. They help students to understand homework, complete special assignments, learn rules and procedures, and to resolve certain problems that students encounter. Your team teachers are valuable to have as “someone just to talk to.”

At MTMS, student placement into teams and sections is done randomly, except where learning support, math, world language, or literacy needs dictate a particular team. Within teams, heterogeneous grouping is commonly used for instructional purposes, with ability grouping in some reading and math classes.  Sections are regrouped each period to provide students with maximum exposure to other students on the team.  If necessary, teams may alter individual section placements to improve student performance.

7 Chargers

7 Lightning
7 Streaks
7 Thunder

8 Chargers
8 Lightning
8 Streaks
8 Thunder