Environmental Science Education

The Schaeffer Environmental Science Signature curriculum, is an evolving “living curriculum.” This curriculum was designed to be integrated across the disciplines and to meet the Pennsylvania Environmental & Ecology standards. This unique curriculum was also designed to build on knowledge from previous grades. The signature curriculum was created with input from teachers, the principal, our Schaeffer school board representative, and with help from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. We are excited to create a curriculum that is innovative, will be exciting with a high interest level to students, partners with local and State agencies, and promotes responsible stewardship and knowledge of our neighborhood, community, and the connections to the world.

Environmental Science Education

PA State Standards

PA Science & Technology AND Environment & Ecology Standards
PA State Standards

Environmental Education Research

CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning
PA Environmental Readiness for the 21st Century Public Report
Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence

Schaeffer Elementary EE Signature and Class Adventures

The Signature Curriculum Plan (.pdf)
Fourth Grade Class Trip to Hopeland Farm
Teacher Inservice at Hopelland Farm

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Environmental Science Education

Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling
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The Naturalist’s Notebook
Create a Nature Journal
New England Nature Journal
Nature Journalist Clare Walker Leslie

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