Schaeffer Garden

The Schaeffer Garden is not only a beautiful area to visit, but is part of our school community. Teachers, students, and parents designed the garden, prepared the soil, planted the plants, and continue to maintain the garden.

The Schaeffer Garden

Over the years, the Schaeffer garden has grown with the personal dedication of parents, the Schaeffer neighborhood, teachers, and students. The garden has become a learning tool, a curricular tie-in, and an outdoor classroom.

Parents of current students, as well as, alumni parents, help prepare the garden beds, pull weeds, trim and mow the grass, and water the plants when necessary. Parents have been involved with this project from designing to planting. Beautifying the school grounds, whether the garden or pond, has been a project of several parents with the acquiring of plant donations, donating time and labor, and their creative input. The care of this school is seen as a way of contributing and being active in their child’s school.

The garden continues to have curricular ties to literature, writing, journaling, and the Pennsylvania Environment and Ecology standards. The garden becomes a place for students to apply what they have studied in class to a real life application. Students read about the role particular plants play in the environment, in history, and in integrated pest management.