Michael J. Bromirski

Michael J. Bromirski

Welcome! If you are looking for an outstanding school community that offers your child a highly- competitive education, both on the state and national level, combined with a wide assortment of co- curricular and extra-curricular activities, then look no further! The Manheim Township School District has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence that places it among the educational leaders in Pennsylvania and the nation.

Currently, our district finds itself in a time of transition and change as our School Board looks to fill the position of Superintendent by July 1, 2014. As your Acting Superintendent, my role is to provide a smooth transition from Dr. Gene Freeman (our former Superintendent) to our district’s new Superintendent. It is my pleasure to be given the opportunity to partner with our staff, parents and community members to continue the current district plan and vision, and offer an exceptional education to the students of Manheim Township.

The Manheim Township School District is committed to continuous growth and increased academic achievement. I encourage our students, parents and members of our community to become more involved in our schools. I invite you to share the good news that happens in our district every day. Each day brings success stories for our students: academic challenges met, involvement in community and social issues, and sports recognitions just to name a few.

Our administrative team remains committed to supporting our students and I encourage you to seek them out to share questions, concerns, or perhaps even a great experience. This is a time of change and growth for all of us and by working together we can positively impact the direction of our great district.

As your Acting Superintendent, I will continue to be as transparent as possible and strive to keep our school community informed of district events and accomplishments. I look forward to helping us position our entire district, as well as a new Superintendent, for continued success as we work together to make sure the rest of 2013-2014 is a rewarding and exciting year.

Michael J. Bromirski Acting Superintendent