Continued Summer ELA Learning Opportunities

Incoming 7th Grade – Summer Activities

Incoming 8th Grade – Summer Activities


Keeping in line with the belief that MTMS is a “bridge in the educational journey,” and following the academic standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Language Arts in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, students following the middle school Language Arts curriculum will build upon the skills learned in elementary schools  in order to prepare them successfully for the demands they will face in high school.

The purpose of the program is to provide skills in clearer communication and to further students’ literary studies and appreciation. Experiences are provided through oral and written composition for application of the language in practical situations. A guided exposure to literature encourages appreciation in the use of our language by various authors. Each individual teacher has sufficient flexibility to exercise her/his own creative talents in the pursuit of common goals, which are clearer spoken and written communication and deeper literary analysis.

Literacy Coach:  Mrs. Jessica O’Gorman

Miss Andrea Adams
Mr. Donald Himelright
Mrs. Hilary Horst

Miss Kristin McMullen


Mr. Gregory Brown

Miss McMullen
Miss Alyx Brehman
Mr. Shawn Robbins

Summer Suggested Reading Lists