7 Lightning



Turkey Basket Items are due 11/16!

Movie Night 11/11

Report Card Distribution: 11/16

Minithon PJ day: 11/18 (bring $1)

Parent Teacher Conferences: 11/21

Sub Sale Fundraiser forms due: 12/12


Social Studies:  December 21

ELA:  January 10

Science:  January 11

Math:  January 12


Congratulations to our Students of the Month:

September:  Michael Rogers and Kristen Bennett

October: Paige Laurence and Neil Gade


Marking Period Highlights:

In ELA with Ms. McMullen and Mrs. Romanos, the students have been
learning about a variety of literary techniques used by great authors.
To demonstrate their understanding of symbolism, the students created
fabulous family crests to represent their beliefs, hobbies, personality,
and background. Then, to incorporate writing skills, the students wrote
a short paper connecting the symbolism on their crests to their intended

In Social Studies we learned about the eight elements of culture and then each class developed their own culture together.

In Science we learned how to conduct a controlled experiment and how to graph and analyze our results.



Math – Ms. Jen Hennigan
English/Language Arts – Mrs. Kresson Romanos and Ms. Kristin McMullen
Science – Mr. Alexander Swavely*
Social Studies – Mr. Brian Booker


*Denotes Team Leader