7 Streaks


Reminder: Marking Period 3 Report Cards will go home April 20th!

Homework Club:  Homework Club will start on September 13th. This is a time for students to get one on one teacher help with content/work they are struggling with or just some extra time to complete assignments.  The groups are small with teacher guidance and technology is available. Homework club is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and goes until 4:00.  There is an Activity bus available for students that need it.  Students must sign up for homework club.  Sign-ups are in the office.

HW/Grades:  Students on the 7 Streaks Team are expected to maintain an accurate agenda book.  The school provides each student with one and it will be utilized in many classes. Teachers also post assignments to the Community Portal and update grades, so please check the portal for grades and homework postings regularly.


Upcoming Dates:

April 13 – Early Dismissal

April 14 – No School

April 17 – No School

April 20 – Marking Period 3 Report Cards

April 25,26,27 – Math PSSAs

May 26 – Early Dismissal

May 29 – No School

June 1 – Field Trip to Baltimore

June 8 – Last School Day


Final Dates:

May 17 – Science

May 18 – Social Studies

May 25 – Math

May 30 – ELA


English – Mr. Donald Himelright                      himelrdo@mtwp.net
Math – Mrs. Hillary Baker ***                            bakerhi@mtwp.net
Reading – Mrs. Renee Engle                               englere@mtwp.net
Science – Mr. Derreck Shenk                              shenkde@mtwp.net
Social Studies – Miss Kayla Kauffman              kauffmka@mtwp.net

*** Denotes Team Leader