8 Streaks

Welcome to the 8 Streaks Page!

For incoming 8th graders:

2017-18 Summer-Reading-List-8th-Grade4

2017-18 Incoming 8th Grade – Summer Activities

 FYI:  Your 8th grade field trip has been planned for Monday, June 5, 2017.  Please stay tuned for additional information.


For your review, please speak with your child regarding School Supplies, REM Expectations, and Team Disciplinary Actions.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Good or Mr. Robbins.


Final Exams:

Social Studies:  May 18

ELA:  Tuesday, May 30

Science:  May 17

Math:  May 25

Congratulations to our Students of the Month:

September:  Kayla F. and Carson S.

October:  Adam L. and Jane B.

November:  Esteban Q. and Vivian E.

December:  Arianna B. and Nick M.

January:  Chloe K. and Luke W.

February:  Gabby C. and Colin F.

March:  Lexi M. and Nick K.

April:  Jorge D. and Kyra R.

May:  Drew G. and Scotty R.


Students on the 8 Streaks Team are expected to maintain an accurate Agenda Book.  The school provides you with one and it will be utilized in many classes. Also, if you forget to take your Agenda Book home, your teachers post assignments to the Community Portal.  Please utilize this tool, as it is not used during your tenure at the high school. Finally, we hope you and your parents enroll in the Community Portal.  Your team teachers are committed to updating your grades weekly.


Team Welcome Newsletter 2016-17

2016 -2017 MP 2 Newsletter-1

2016-2017 MP 3 Newsletter

2016-2017 MP 4 Newsletter


Language Arts – Mr. Shawn Robbins***                                              Student Teacher:  Miss Melissa Amberger
Math- Miss Maci Seibel
Language Arts – Miss Becca Fairchild
Science – Mr. Michael Hardwig                                                             Student Teacher:  Miss Silvia Hitz
Social Studies – Mrs. Olivia Good***                                                    Student Teacher:  Miss Ashlee Martel

*** Denotes Team Leader