Parent Resources

Parent Information:


A list of commonly utilized educational acronyms as developed by IU #13

ESY Parent Guide

A comprehensive guide to understanding Extended School Year (ESY) services

LRE Information

An informational brochure from Parent Education Network (PEN) regarding Least Restrictive Environment


Parent Groups and Resources:

Lancaster-Lebanon Right To Education Local Task Force

The Right to Education Task Force is a group of parents, educators, and agency representatives in Lancaster and Lebanon counties focused on improving the education of children with special needs (including children with intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, emotional and behavioral issues, etc.). A series of free, educational seminars offer information on local resources for families and educators. Parents of children with special needs are welcomed and encouraged to attend. These seminars are open to the public.

Parent Education Network (PEN)

Parent Education Network (PEN) conducts workshops to promote awareness of the special role that parents play as equal partners with educators and providers in developing educational and life plans for their child. PEN provides training and assistance to parents who have children with disabilities, and to parents and families who have children with learning and behavioral problems.

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Matches parents and family members of children and adults with disabilities or special needs, to supporting parents, on a one to one bases, according to conditions or concerns.

Disability Rights Network of PA

Consult Line personnel are available to parents and advocates of children with disabilities or children thought to be disabled to explain federal and state laws relating to special education; describe the options that are available to parents; inform the parents of procedural safeguards; identify other agencies and support services; and describe available remedies and how the parents can proceed.

United Disability Services (UDS)

Is a unique not-for-profit organization headquartered in Lancaster which provides in-home personal care, independent living support, and personal development and enrichment services for individuals with disabilities and the elderly that enable them to take control of their lives; living in the comfort of their own homes.

Lancaster Down Syndrome Advocates

Lancaster county group that facilitates advocacy and awareness for individuals with Down syndrome through education and inclusive functions.


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